Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Industrial or Company Intership / College Project report general guidelines

Part I
Internship is an organization study, the instruction sheet is enclosed herewith and the report has to be made accordingly.

Part II
It is compulsory for the students to take up specific assignment or problem given by the organization during their study period.

The final report is a management problem. The student may work on an organization centric problem or on a general theme. The final project is expected to provide practical solutions to the problem studied.

The following are the suggested steps:
a) Problem Identification
b) Synopsis preparation (Generally not exceeding two pages)
 The headlines of a synopsis could be:
i.The background
ii.The problem statement
iii.Objective of the study
iv.Hypotheses to be tested
vii.Chapter Scheme
viii. Expectation from the study

c) Formatting (Research Proposal)
- Methodology
-Time & cost expectation ( to be approved by the industry)

d) Formatting dissertation: Executive summary (Before introduction)
    Primary Research may not be always needed

e) Hypothesis testing: experimental research (for establishing relationships)
   For survey/Description Research – Hypothesis test not required.

Report: 1 copy to college, 1 student copy and one for company if required.

General points kept in mind
− Size-50-60 pages (Indicative)-
− Hard Bound
− Font Size=12/14
− 1.5 line spacing.
− A4 Size Exe. Bond Paper.
− Font style Time/Arial.
− Foot notes- End of each chapter.
− References at the end of each chapter.
− Bibliography.
− Bar, Charts, Diagrams can be used

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